Monday, August 15, 2016

Software testing is changing in agile world but what all is changing?

Agile Testing
What is testing? Checking software to ensure its meeting customer requirement or more? Who is supposed to test? Tester only? What qualification needed to become tester? Automation testing or manual? What is the role of tester is agile? Is there a room for manual testers and testing in agile? Confused?

Many questions but no concrete answer. Testing is important and not just what testers do but much more than that. Team spent more than 60% time on testing. Surprised? Think again - unit testing, functional testing, regression, security, load, integration, customer and acceptance testing etc.

I have scheduled 2 days FREE workshop on Agile Testing in Delhi on August 27-28 to explore all above as well to learn more about specification by examples, bdd, tdd, DevOps, CI and many more. This workshop is free but not venue so you have to pay INR 3000 for venue and food. You are most welcome if wanted to pay more.

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Reach out to me if looking for Agile Workshop for Developers and Testers.