Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) - new certification by Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance has launched a new certification recently called CSD (certified scrum developer) and I was reading about same and wanted to highlight some of the important points about this certificate.

CSD is a 5 days program and there is no exam at the end of 5 days training whereas other certifications has examination process although it is not tough to clear those but in case of CSD there is no exam.

5 days training has 3 parts - 1st part is One day introduction to Scrum methodology (Content is same like CSM), 2nd is 3 days technical track that cover Agile Architecture and Design, TDD, Refactoring, Continuous Integration, Pair Programming and Collaboration and one day elective like ATDD, BDD or Distributed Scrum Team.

CSD is being offered through Registered Education Provider (REP) but trainers will get evaluated by Scrum Alliance so REP can't hire anybody to deliver training. CST (Certified Scrum Trainer) can also deliver CSD program but they have to become REP 1st. REP is going to evaluate participant towards the end of every topics and they will share feedback to Scrum Alliance before publishing participant name on Scrum Alliance website.

CSD holder can directly become CSP (Certified Scrum Professional) and no CSM or CSPO certification required for same if they fulfill criteria for CSP.

CSD is also available in 3 days format for CSM and they only have to go through 3 days technical track.

I believe CSD is better program compare to CSM because CSD already teach about Scrum Master role but also add lot many technical training those needed to improve quality and productivity.

Unlike CSM, CSD is not only for Scrum Master but for whole scrum team including developers, testers and business analysts.

I think costing is also going to be very high compare to CSM but all depends on REP, trainers and training quality.

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