Saturday, January 31, 2015

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Workshop in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Pune

Course Overview

BDD is based on test first approach similar to TDD and ATDD.  Behavior driven development follows same principles of TDD like first write test cases, then code and then refactor. We teach BDD using Cucumber and Specflow depending on participant choice. Our 2 days program helps team to start writing features file, runner class and resolve some of the basic issues. We do introduce Selenium web-driver and teach how to write test for GUI based application.Our class is divided in four sprints that includes writing user stories and acceptance criteria, Writing multiple features and scenarios. We deliver TDD training in Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Delhi.


  • Understand about test first approach 
  • What is Acceptance criteria and who is responsible for writing acceptance criteria
  • Why BDD is important for agile tester and developer
  • How to maximize code coverage
  • How to automate acceptance criteria
  • Role of BDD in development and testing process
  • Install and configure required tools including cucumber
  • Create Test Suites
Who should attend?

Developers, Testers, Business Analyst, Technical Lead, Architect and Managers with technical background

Topic Coverage

  • What is BDD?
  • Acceptance Criteria and DoD
  • Cucumber implements BDD
  • Preparing Features File having test scenarios
  • Writing a step definition
  • Writing Runner Class
  • Given, When, Then, And, But annotations and usage in features class
  • Passing parameters in Step Functions
  • Using regular expression in steps
  • Install Cucumber JVM
  • Create Cucumber project
  • Tags and Glue Code
  • Junit Test generation in Cucumber
  • Using Assertions to report failure
  • Running simple feature/Step scenario
  • Building a simple test case
  • Executing project from eclipse
  • Cucumber tests on API Layer
  • Running all/limited tests
  • Cucumber tests on GUI Layer
  • GUI Project Requirements
  • Same or different feature files
  • Dealing with GUI changes as the user stories evolve
  • Selenium Components
  • Selenium Configuration
  • Using Assertions to report failure
  • Running simple feature/Step scenario
  • Building a simple test case
  • Executing project from eclipse
  • Bring your own laptop to work through our hands-on exercises
  • No software installation is required but if you already have IDE installed then appreciated 
  • For exercises needing software, the same would be provided during the training
Deliverable - The attendees would be provided with the following:
  • Soft copy of presentation
  • Participation certificate

Reach to me on or +91 9810547500 for corporate training.

We deliver training on Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Cucumber, Selenium, Jira Agile, Scrum, Jenkins, Scrum Master, Scrum Developer, Product owner, agile estimation and planning, writing user stories etc. 

Cucumber training in Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Pune
Selenium training in  Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Pune

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