Monday, January 23, 2017

DevOps is changing working agreement by improving faster feedback

Let's start new year exploring some of the keywords that becoming hot since last year and expected to grow this year at highest speed. Yes, I am talking about DevOps. I did few implementations in last 2 years and can say it is not same what I was doing 5 years back. So, what is new? Is it about people, practice, tools or some complex framework? May be everything but tools becoming more popular than people and practices. You got it right! Because we ultimately need tools to practice but which tools?

But there is another question about who is supposed to be practicing DevOps? Looking at job descriptions on LinkedIn, I got confused. Is it for operation people? or for developer? But what about QA? Think again. Who is caring about Continuous Testing, Built-In Quality and Static Code Analysis? What about managers/scrum masters? Aren’t they responsible to create environment for continuous feedback.

Join me this February if you wanted to explore what is there for you in DevOps and why you should care about DevOps. I am organizing workshops in Delhi and Hyderabad at nominal cost. Time to explore Jenkins, Docker, Chef, Vagrant, Ansible and Chef etc. Workshop is free and only charging to cover venue, facility and travel. one time opportunity to explore it with me. Register using below link. Limited seat so first come first basis.


Naveen Kumar Singh

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