Sunday, June 22, 2014

Difference between PMI-ACP and CSP

CSP is a next level of certification by Scrum Alliance that helps professional in demonstrating their experience and knowledge in the art of Scrum. If you are CSM, CSPO or CSD and practicing Scrum then you are right fit for CSP. It’s elevate your career even further and helps in getting next level of job like agile coach or trainer. CSP is also needed when you are aiming for CST or CSC.
PMI-ACP® is a certificate program by PMI that covers most of the agile processes. The PMI-ACP certificate recognizes an individual expertise in using agile practices and help them to demonstrate their knowledge of agile tools and techniques. The PMI-ACP® certificate carries a higher level of professional credibility as it requires a combination of agile training, working experience and followed by examination on agile principles, tools and techniques.

Looking at above both looks similar beside than one is provided by Scrum Alliance and other is by PMI but look at below table to check what is better for you and why?

Prequalification criteria
CSM, CSPO or CSD valid credential holders
2000 hours (12 months) working on project teams in last 5 years
Working experience required?
36 months of demonstrable agile/Scrum work experience in last 5 years
1500 hours (8 months) working on project teams using Agile methodologies in last 3 years
Formal training required?
No. Formal training requirement get covered in CSD, CSM or CSPO training.
Yes. 21 hours of training needed. PMI REP provides this training across the globe
Any Other requirement
70 SEUs (Scrum Education Units), Usually 1 hour of learning is 1 SEU. Scrum alliance has provided 6 category through which you can get these SEUs. Check here to know more about SEUs.
21 PDUs (Professional Development Units) that you will get after attending training program by PMI REP
Examination process
No examination but you must submit application and mentioned how you have earned 70 SEUs, show your work experience. Scrum Alliance will not allow you to fill application if you are not a valid member or your certificate has been expired
Fill application form showing your experience and training. Pay exam fee and write an exam of 120 questions in 3 hours.
Certification fee
Total $250 including 2 years membership fee. $100 during submission of application and $150 after application approved. If you add CSM/CSD/CSPO training cost (approx. $500) then total cost for CSP is $750
$495 for non-member and $435 for member but membership is $139 per year. If you add 2 years membership fee and exam fee then total cost for ACP $703
Audit Process
Yes for everyone. Scrum Alliance validate every application
Yes but randomly. If your application get picked than PMI will ask you to send a copy of educational degree certificate, 21 hours training certificate and proof for experience
Certification validation period
2 years
3 years
Renewal Process
Earn 45 SEUs in 2 years
Earn 30 PDUs in single cycle period (3 years)
Renewal Fee
$250 that includes renewal of low-level certifications, such as CSD, CSM and CSPO
$60 for member and $150 for non-member
Suitable for
Professional working in Scrum environment, looking for next role like Scrum master, coach or trainer.
Scrum Master, traditional project manager, DevOps manager, IT Infra team manager and members

We deliver training on Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), Cucumber, Selenium, Jira Agile, Scrum, Jenkins, Scrum Master, Scrum Developer, Product owner, agile estimation and planning, writing user stories etc. 

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