Monday, June 2, 2014

Going Beyond Project Management – Change Management Process

Over the period project management has moved beyond from delivering projects within schedule and cost and focus has shifted on managing customer relations, optimizing processes and adopting changes as late as possible. Project managers working in project-based organization always face multiple challenges in terms of managing projects within scope, schedule and cost but also frequent change request from customers. These project managers has learnt to say NO through over the period but saying no doesn’t give good impression considering “Customer is always right” mantra. Similarly project managers working in product-based organizations faced issues in managing stakeholder’s expectation beside than struggling for resources.

If these changes are not well planned and managed then projects can go completely out of track. To manage changes project managers should focus beyond than just delivery and invest in setting up right processes and tools to manage changes. But make sure before setting up processes that your customer will agree for these processes and tools. Project-based SME can use technology to help in this endeavor. With the right tools, managing changes effectively will open the door to improved customer satisfaction.  But ensure that processes around technology should also get matured over the period to optimize deliverables and increase profitability. 

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