Thursday, June 4, 2015

Agile and Scrum onsite Workshop

As per latest survey, more than 80% software development organization is practicing agility in some form. This clearly shows that how quickly organizations shifting from traditional approach to empirical process control to maximize values of the work done. But organization must ensure smooth transition and that required some investment either in the name of training, coaching, educating or may be some better name like hands-on workshop. Transition can happen with or without these investments so this is not prerequisite but having these workshop conducted prior will help in overcoming challenges during transition.

But how to decide what kind of agile training and who will be trainer (facilitator as our definition)? Some trainer comes with PPT and sometime more than 100 decks. Participants and trainer both reading presentation together in class. Some of participants even sleeping in class especially after lunch break. Now how to decide? Also what if organization collects feedback at the end of workshop and share same with trainer? Training is already over so what to do with feedback now.

Our workshop is PPT free so there is nothing to read together, workshop full of fun and hands-on practice. There is no chance that participants not engaged because workshop runs by participants and we just facilitate. Reach out to our existing client to know more about our approach. Our workshop called "Scrum On Wall", "BuildValue", "PlayScrum" and "MaximizeValue" unlike some boring name.

Course Outline of PlayScrum workshop

Agile vs traditional process
What is empirical process
Why Scrum and what is scrum framework
Scrum framework in details 
Agile Estimation and Planning
Monitoring Agile development

Reach out to us if looking for Agile, Scrum, Scrum Developer, Product Owner, Product Management workshop. We facilitate regular Agile and Scrum workshop in all major cities in India that includes Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Chennai.

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