Saturday, June 13, 2015

Question - Scrum (CSM) or SAFe (SA) - How to start your agile journey.

Let me explain these then you may decide your own.

CSM - is a introductory course on Scrum framework but nowadays majority of trainers cover scrum master role in details beside than covering topics like estimation, planning and scaling etc. This is a beginner course. You can think of doing other courses by scrum alliance after CSM like CSPO and CSD and then CSP once you have 3 years of experience in Agile/scrum.

SAFe - very much prescribed with heavily loaded processes and roles to scale agility. Not good for agility but still people practice because of extensive marketing. Since one organization processes can't be applied exactly same way in other organization so many failed cases are there. Started with Nokia mobile and we all know now Nokia mobile doesn't even exist.

Scaling is not a new things and organization usually figure out itself how to scale beyond single scrum team although there are some model that can be studied but only study not to copy like SAFe, LeSS or DAD etc.

I would suggest to choose a path of Scrum alliance starting with CSM then later on figure out scaling model if you have challenges.

Regarding trainer - I would suggest Satisha but may be because I know him personally but you can go with anyone because all are approved by scrum alliance. You may reach out to any organization but figure out who is your trainer and try to connect someone when has already attended his/her classes.

Still have query then you can reach out to me on +91 9810547500.

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