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How to earn 70 SEUs for CSP

How to earn 70 SEUs for CSP

Scrum alliance has 6 different categories through which you can earn SEUs and these categories also have some limitation.

Category “A”/Scrum Alliance Scrum Gathering – You can earn maximum 45 SEUs in this category. One SEU per hour of participation in scrum alliance global, regional or user group scrum gatherings as well as Scrum alliance affiliated user group.
You can earn these SEUs either through presenting, coaching and attending sessions. For example you can earn SEUs through attending Regional Scrum Gathering India event or event through user group like Play Scrum and Agile Software Developers Network.  

Scrum Alliance Guideline - 
Attended Global Scrum Alliance Gathering
Attended Regional Scrum Alliance Gathering
Attended Scrum Alliance User Group Activity
Attended Scrum Alliance-Sponsored Event
Attended Scrum Coaching Retreat 
Attended Scrum Coaching Retreat Pre-Workshop

Category “B”/Scrum Alliance Course – There is no limit for this category. CSM and CSPO certification is eligible for 16 SEUs, CSD is eligible for 24 SEUs. You can also earn through attending training course provided by REP or CST. Training by Scrum Alliance CST and REP must follow below guidelines.

If you are CSM or CSPO then attend 3 days CSD engineering training to get additional 24 SEUs. You not only get 24 additional SEUs but also additional certificate - CSD

You can also earn additional SEUs through attending various training deliver by CST and REP like Leanpitch. These training includes TDD, BDD, Writing USer Stories, Scaling Scrum and Continuous Integration.

Scrum Alliance Guideline - 
Received CSM Training
Received CSPO Training
Received CSD Training
Received Training from a CST (including video training)
Received Training from a REP (only approved courses and trainers)
Received Coaching by a CSC

Category “C”/Outside Events – Up to 15 SEUs in this category through attending Scrum conferences like AgileNCR or training on agile topics provided by someone who is not a REP or CST. Attending 2 days PMI-ACP training will help you in getting 15 SEUs.

Category “D”/Volunteer Service - Up to 15 SEUs may be earned by providing non-compensated, Scrum professional services to an organization or group other than your employer. You can earn these SEUs even through helping REP or CST in organizing and delivering seminars.

Category “E”/Asynchronous Learning – Up to 15 SEUs may be earned through various independent learning activities, such as preparing presentations, authoring relevant books or reading some books deeply and then describe benefits.

Category “F”/ Synchronous Learning – Up to 15 SEUs may be earned through a variety of other learning activities that doesn't fit in above category like working as co-trainer with more experience trainer.

How to earn SEU for CSP. How to become CSP.

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  2. Hi Naveen,
    I have completed Certified Scrum Master 3 months back which fetched me 16 SEUs.I am doing SAFE Agilist next week to earn another 16 SEU's.Now i am left with another 38 SEU's before i apply from my CSP.I am located in Delhi.Can you share activities/webinars that i can do in and around Delhi in next 2 months to earn these 38 SEU's.

    1. Unfortunately this article is missing some other criteria that needs to be adhered to before gaining CSP certification. The main thing is the years experience in a scrum team. If you can demonstrate that and still reach 70 seu's you should be fine. The process is changing in the new year for the CSP cert.

    2. You can claim 15 SEUs by self-study under category "E" but for remaining you need to find out meetup group. Agile 30 keeps organizing one day workshop so you can attend. One is coming on 2nd December -

      One day workshop equals 8 SEUs in category A

    3. Dear Anonymous, You can use your real name as well. Unfortunately this blog is not about CSP process so no need to get disappointment. This blog is only for how to earn SEUs for Free. I do have blog on CSP process so please check and leave your comment there. Thank you :)

  3. Hello Naveem
    In order to obtain SEU's for completing CSM or CSPO training, do I need to obtain training from a designated CST or CSP? Or, can I complete courses offered by non-CST professionals (and have the training contribute to SEU requirements)?