Monday, February 16, 2015

Roles and Responsibilities during Scrum Ceremonies

Scrum Master
Product Owner
Development Team

Release Planning
Make sure Release plan ends with List of PBI, number of sprints.
Why we do this release, stakeholders expectation on this release, timeline, PBIs for the release.

Provides team velocity to consider while release planning
Product Backlog Refinement
Confirm all questions of Dev team are cleared by Product Owner
PBI are enough for next 2 sprint as per team velocity
Introduces the PBI and explain Definition of Done, any specific Voice of Customer related to the PBI, rank of the PBI, Clear all doubts, manages PBI splits.
Understand PBI and Definition of done and ask as much question to Product Owner to establish acceptance criteria and uncover potential technical challenges.

Sprint Planning
Make sure Sprint plan ends on time. Post a poster on burndown chart for team update. Quote Team capacity, indicate velocity.
Make sure the PBIs taken by Dev team are in line with produce release plan; Understands and decide on dependent PBIs, Conclude Sprint Goal.
Confirms the team planned capacity.  Indicate technical dependencies, Issues in Definition of Done, choose PBIs for the sprint, manage themselves on list of task and confirms task are leading to sprint goal.  Commit on the PBI.

Daily Scrum
Update chart, List down Impediments.
Before Review: Remind Review preparedness to Dev Team.

Monitor scope. Help team to get further clarity on PBI
Update the progress to team. Plan for today and highlight impediments
Sprint Review
Send invite to all stake holders in advance. 
Accept or reject sprint outcome
Show outcome of latest sprint and answer questions to the Stakeholders.

Sprint Retrospection
Read feedback, impediments faced, Action & results observations, Share Product Owner feedback, how much Scrum followed, Read improvements planned and actual from last Retrospection.
Not required but can join if team looking for help.
Open discussion towards improving the efficiency of the team; identify key problems faced, review last improvement action & Result.  Append new actions.

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