Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dedicated Scrum Master or Full-time Scrum Master?

Which is a better statement?
A full-time scrum master for a team? giving all her time to one scrum team and attend all scrum events.
A dedicated scrum master for a team? not full-time and she may work as development team member also?

Arguments in favor of full-time Scrum Master
  • If not full-time then what will happen to impediment those need immediate attention?
  • She has to attend all events in order to ensure people are practicing right scrum

Argument in support of not having full-time Scrum Master
  • But majority of time impediments are not impediment but intra-team dependencies that team has to manage not scrum master.
  • Scrum master not needed in all events and she has to only ensure those are getting done by team.

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