Friday, May 13, 2016

Something wrong with software engineer designation

Why we don't feel proud in saying "I am a software engineer"? We all want to move away from this designation as fast as possible but why or this is not true?
May be we don't get equal values what other stream engineers get like mechanical engineer, electrical engineer or automobile engineer?
I am saying based on my conversations with various people during my workshop. Since I facilitate Scrum Developer workshop so mainly developers (Software Engineers and QA Engineers) come to attend.  
1st conversation
Developers - I am a software developer with 5 years experience and looking for role of Tech Lead or Architect etc.
Me - But there is no such roles in Scrum and you will have tough time going forward if you opt for meaningless designation and roles.
Developers - That I have heard but I can't even get attention of my company as developer so what's the use of being called Software Developer.
2nd conversation
Tech Lead - I am planning to be Scrum Master and I am already leading a team of 6 developers. What do you suggest? Can I go for CSM workshop?
Me - If you are still technical and contributing as development team then why moving to Scrum Master role? How much you know about Scrum?
Tech Lead - I don't know about Scrum and that's the reason I am here but I don't want to become developer. Scrum Master sounds more commanding and anyway I should not looking backward because I was developer for 6 years before becoming Tech Lead this year. Now you are saying there is no role like Tech Lead in Scrum so better to try for Scrum Master than becoming developer again.
3rd conversation
Future Agile Coach - I saw your post about how to earn 70 SEUs and I am running short by 15 SEUs. Can you help my getting those and please don't suggest to attend Scrum Developer workshop. No offence because I am planning for Scrum Professional so there is no point to know what Developer do.
Me - Still thinking how to reply
We often see engineers from other stream carry engineer as title till retirement like Assistance Engineer, Executive Engineer or Chief Engineer whereas Software Engineers move to some confusing roles like Tech Lead, Project Lead, Sr. Project Lead and some time even "Senior Assistant Vice President".     
We should start respecting ourselves as Software Developer/Engineers rather than moving into a trap of rat race.

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