Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I don’t want to be a developer

Is there something wrong with software developer designation? Because everyone wanted to become scrum master and agile coach but not a good software developer. May be scrum master sound really big because of MASTER keyword but if you see same word in other context like school master then again nobody wanted to become school master. This may also because scrum is very light height framework and described in just 16 pages so everyone feel they are master of those 16 pages.

Since I coach development team and facilitate scrum developer workshop so get to interact with coders and testers often. Sometime few participants give impression that they are no open position for scrum master in their company that’s why they are part of development team.

Although I having feeling that real master is development team not others. All other exist because of them so other can be termed as servant teams and that’s why we have scrum master as servant leader to lead our servant team.

Few interesting conversation when people call to enquire about scrum developer workshop.

“I wanted to learn agile engineering practices such BDD, ATDD, TDD and CI etc but not looking for certification. I am an agile coach and need these skills to facilitate my team but don’t want to be labeled as certified scrum developer.”

“I am a certified scrum master and looking to become certified scrum professional. I have gone through your blog and believe you can help me in getting remaining 20 SEUs but please don’t suggest to attend scrum developer workshop because I am looking for CSP but not CSD.”

“I am tester and following agile in our company. Looking for Certified Scrum Master training is there certificate for testers like the way we have scrum developer for developers.”

Above conversation reflects how much people understand about role of developers and development team.

I was reading Agile Testing book authored by Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory and they have beautifully quoted “Everyone involved with delivering code is a developer, and is part of the development team.”

Scrum developer workshop is not for only programmer but for tester, architect, leads, manager, coaches and as well as for MASTERS.

Why I am so passionate about development team? Wrong this has nothing to do with my work but more about letting developers know how important they are and what they can do.

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